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Scratchbuilding: Porsche Models

Manufacturer mythical as they come, when you think in sports car is inevitable that his name came out. From my point of view the perfect sports car brand, from its beginnings in a small sawmill in Gmund to its current factory in Zuffenhausen is an example of how an well done engineering work, coupled with the passion for competition and ongoing work gets through to a small sports car like the 356 pre-A, based on a Volkswagen Beetle, to the Carrera GT supercar, through models that already has a special place in automotive history as the 911, the Porsche par excellence.

The more I know about the history of this manufacturer and its models, the more I like and, of course, this passion had to reflect in 1/32 scale with car models that appear in this section.
Cars in general are not led to any manufacturer of slot or, if they did, the results have not been to my liking. Among the models that we can find are some of the more affection I have, like the RSR Turbo or 935, and I can say is thanks to them for which I embarked on this hobby.

I hope you enjoy.

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