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Scratchbuilding, what is it?

Basically, the scratchbuilding referred to the slot, is to make a slot car starting from another slot car or scale model, either new, sometimes, or from the slot car dump, most of them. Sometimes the resulting car is a derivative of the original model with some modifications in the body (flared wheel arches, wings or flaps...) and sometimes the result has virtually nothing to do with the starting point model or models. It all depends on what do you want to achieve. The scratchbuilding is fundamentally a tinsmith and painter work, but obviously as slot models, is necessary to fit them a chassis and the rest of the mechanical components to make the car moves along a track, but really the mechanical part is a secondary aspect of the hobby, opposite happens with the competition slot cars where the main aspect is a very well tunned mechanics and the bodywork and decoration is a secondary aspect.

The scratchbuilding therefore is a very interesting and absorbing hobby but takes a lot of time. Is a hobby for patients guys, or with much free time, because it isn´t rare that a work gets delayed months to see it finished . Quite the opposite that preparing a car for competition that in a couple of evenings could be working fine on the track.

Do you like a particular model who is not manufactured in series? Is the car model you like poorly reproduced at 1/32 scale? Do you like a decoration of a car that never going to be for sale? Do you want to build a slot car that olny exist in your imagination? Easy, built them yourself. But, of course, arm yourself with patience, because that is the fundamental tool for this hobby, from there, you will need to know more or less complex techniques, but if you persevere you will achieve the goals, otherwise, it´s not a rewarding hobby. In fact, it is easy to end up becoming a rolling start of works who will lay in the "unfinished works" drawer. Against this negative aspect is what continually we must fight, because it is a shame to have abandoned work time and time waiting for a "magic" solution that will not come unless we get down to work on it.
And in this sense, a tip, if you´re just starting in this hobby choose easy models with simple modifications to go slowly learning, even if they are invented models much better, because you will put the limit in the modifications. As you dominate the techniques you can face more complex modifitions with guarantees.

In this section, organized by the types of work (early works, simple works and decorations) and the models divided by manufacturer (Porsche, Renault and other manufacturers), is where I´m post the step by step construction of the scale models, with more or less detailed explanations about. In some cases, whether I use more complex techniques I discuss it in the "Techniques and Tricks" section and elsewhere if they are simple things I´ll explain briefly withing the "step by step" section of the car.

I hope you enjoy the section.

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