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Welcome to erneslot.es. My name is Ernesto Rueda and I am a slot car fan in all its aspects, competition, collecting and scratchbuilding. It all started when I was given my first Scalextric at age of 13, was a Exin RC40 set with a Lancia 037 and a Ford RS200 which gradually was expanded with more tracks and cars, some given away, others bought from friends and school mates, others bought in stores and with which spent hours of entertainment and fun. For some time leave the hobby parked but it was a matter of time to retook it and this time in a so much more "serious" way, I started to go to slot clubs to paly with my cars and take part in races, especially rallyslot ones, and collecting slot cars. At that time, the early 2000s, the slot world was shaking, new manufacturers, more and more car models for sale, the appearance of calibrated components for tune race slot cars... There was plenty of choice and is where I started collecting actually. Meanwhile I continued to take part in rallyslot races but as time passed by I liked the competition less. The slot become very "professionalized" so I was leaving aside the aspect of competition in part because of time and partly because I did not like the ultra-competitive environment that existed in some clubs and was especially far away from what for me is the aim of a hobby: to enjoy. So I focused more on the part of collecting and especially in the scratchbuilding, which are the two aspects that I dedicate this page.

Over a long time I´ve been doing with a small collection of home made slot cars, what in the circle is called "scratchbuilding" or "scratch", where I spent a good amount of hours, but you know that doing something you enjoy is never a chore, so I spent time for good. As some of you, I owe much of my knowledge to a couple of forums that sadly disappeared one called "Docslot" and the other one Los Petiflauticos but we can find excellent contents y other forums like Pasionslot and Slotadictos. Part of the techniques, many ideas and above all the courage I have drawn many of my forum partners, which their works made me caught the scratchbuilding bug and above all not to leave the work half done, as unfortunately happens to many good works. However, other techniques and ideas have been grown, problems sometimes arise in which the mind must be put to work to solve them and occasionally the solutions are good, others less so. Regardless of whether they own or copied ideas you have to work for yourself, and that´s where is the value of the models.

In addition to serving as a guide, through this page I will try to contribute my bit to improve the health of the slot world, which lately is a bit stuck, with many manufacturers in a difficult situation and stores and clubs in low hours. This is evident when taking a walk around forums that survive, with few topics and participation, especially compared to their state of about 5 years approximately.
It is true that the slot may seem like a toy not as attractive today as when I was a kid, video games and electronic devices are very appealing to kids, but the slot, or Scalextric as it is commonly known in Spain, is still a top entertainment, you just have to see how children enjoy going to a club for the first time to play with the cars. And the same is true of those who are older. So if you are like me, those who abandoned the game and the hobby and want to take it back, do not hesitate, do it, you will discover a world much more vast and more possibilities than the one you left and probably enjoy it much more than before.

Ernesto Rueda

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...this web page

This is the sixth version of the web page I upload, the fourth after changing to the domain erneslot.es, after the good reception of the previous versions. I have improved (again) the structure and desing of the page, trying to make it clearer, better structured and easier to maintain, as well as better programmed, so that the visualization is practically the same regardless of the browser.

In this new version I will try to strengthen the mechanical section for slot cars, which I introduced in the previous version with the intention of showing basic adjustments for our slot cars to move on the track with more ease than they usually do just taken out of the box, and thus to be able to enjoy them more, but that I have not developed properly. Since I consider that it is a necessary section on slot cars page, because in the end they are not static models, but have their mechanical parts, sometimes simple and sometimes not. There are also new features in the "About ..." section, where I will give personal options on issues related to the slot, always with respect and trying to make constructive criticism of the issues involved.

Erneslot web page desing year 2008 Erneslot web page desing 1st semester year 2009 Erneslot web page desing 2nd semester 2009 Erneslot web page desing 1st semester year 2010 Erneslot web page desing 2nd semester year 2010 Erneslot web page desing since 2012

Those who visit the page frequently will have noticed that sometimes I do not update the page with the assiduity I should, even months pass with any changes, not because of lack of interest or issues to deal with, it is lack of time, and is that I am the only author of this page, both the contents, the english translation, the design and the programming itself are homegrown, and I do not always have enough time to develop it. I also keep trying to improve the english translation of the page because at some parts is very bad. I think those parts with wrong translations can be understood better but if you find a translation mistake please let me know sendind me a e-mail at this address.

The page is tested with the Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera browsers and works correctly in all of them although in some it is necessary to allow the execution of ",ActiveX" controls (by the script that includes the page to display correctly the images and for the visitors counter).
On the other hand, this website does not use cookies of any kind, so you can navigate through it without worries, without registration of the activity of the user, banners with ads, or supposed lottery prizes or anything like that.

I hope you like the changes in the web page and having such a good reception as the previous versions. So I take the opportunity to give you thanks for your visits and the emails you sent me.

Ernesto Rueda

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