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1/32 slot car collection

Collecting is the other aspect of the hobby I also enjoy. All fans of this hobby had a small collection of slot cars, facilitated by the large number of slot cars manufacturers actually exists. Gone are the days when in Spain there was only one or two slot car manufacturer and 3 or 4 new models were introduced per year. Now due to the amount of manufacturers the number of new slot cars grow almost monthly and the number of possible cars to collect is enormous. This large number of cars made me to be selective with the models to buy, because except for a fortunate ones, the budget for this hobby is limited.

As I´m concerned, far is the time when buy the car of fashion and novelty. Now I buy cars I like, regardless of manufacturer, and as a general criteria that cars must be the most faithful possible reproduction of the original model without paying much attention to the performance of the car on the track, especialy because many of them have touched the slot track olny for take the photos you will find in this section.

Of course, my automotive tastes are reflected in the slot cars of my collection. First, Porsche models, in general, with particular interest in the 70-80´s sport-prototypes, and of course, the 911 in it´s different versions. Moreover, several manufacturer models with no criteria in particular, just cars I like, the 80´s rally cars, Formula 1 of the same time, sport-prototypes of the 70´s ..., the variety you can see in the parts this section is divided.

I hope you like it.

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